Perceptions of technology-enhanced learning
Wednesday, 25 January 2006


A group of London CPD leaders will run an enquiry based project to determine the barriers and success factors to technology-enhanced professional learning. The interim and summative learning from the group will be shared through an on-line community.

Teachers’ and support staff’ perceptions of technology-enhanced learning: with a focus on Teachers TV, web-based resources, on-line communities

Within each of the 6 primary and secondary schools, the enquiry based project will focus on a priority of the school’s improvement plan. Each school will structure a professional development opportunity to address this priority using technology based resources. Examples would include Teachers TV programmes and resources and web-based learning resources for subject / aspect issues. Participants will be supported by the school to evaluate the value of the professional learning compared to more traditional methods of face-to-face learning. Interim findings will be shared across an on-line community, final outcomes will be shared face-to-face and will be posted on the on-line community and relevant websites (including WLE) for dissemination.


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