The WLE Centre works with a wide range of partners to enhance work-based learning. A list of partners is available from the document below.


In addition to the core members of the Centre, i.e. those seconded/funded to lead specified projects andactivities in the WLE Centre work plan, we wish to involve suitably qualified and experienced ‘associates' in our work.

There are three categories of associates:

1. Staff Associates internal tothe Institute of Education

Staff in the Institute of Educationwho are not seconded to theCentre might nevertheless wish tobecome actively involved inthe Centre’s work. In cases wherethis involvement takes the form ofa particular project or substantialactivity extending over a year ormore, the title associate can begiven.This is at the discretion of theDirectors of the Centre, inconsultation with the relevantHead of School. Any memberof the Centre can bring forward acase for a staff member to bedesignated an associate. 

2. External Associates

Attachments of externalassociates can be suggested bymembers of the Centre to theCentre Directors. External associates are alwaysfixed term, unpaid, and theirattachment to the WLE Centre isbased on mutual benefit. This canbe a great way of involvingpeople who have somethingimportant to contribute and togain from an attachment.

3. Doctoral School Associates

In liaison with the Doctoral School,the Centre identifies a number ofdoctoral associates. They normallyconduct doctoral researchprojects of particular significanceto the work programme of the WLECentre. For example, part-timestudents engaged with workbasedlearning in fields such asmedical education or businessand commerce are likely tobenefit from having an easilyidentifiable reference group withinthe IOE. The Centre works withthe Doctoral School in identifyingappropriate associates in thiscategory to become linked withparticular Centre activities.

Academic Visitors, Visiting Professors and Fellows

There are existing Institute rules and procedures for these categories. The same rules and procedures apply for the WLE Centre. Academic visitors who are seeking an attachment and/or ‘base’ from which to advance their own research and scholarship will be charged the Institute bench fee.