ICT CPD programmes as a focus for changes in policy and practice
Tuesday, 04 December 2007


An international policy-orientated symposium is proposed which brings together three experts in the research, implementation and accreditation of ICT CPD programmes for the work force from Eastern Europe, the US and the UK.  They will be in partnership with colleagues in schools who have been working in work-based projects or running school based ICT CPD programmes.

Because the range of the topic is wide and multifaceted the overarching themes of the project are four-fold:

•  the relationship between theory, pedagogy and learning;
•  the relationship between work, learning and professional practice;
•  the relationship between pedagogy, assessment and learning;
•  cultural, national and professional diversity in ICT CPD programmes

The invited audience of about twenty will include policy makers, lecturers and students at the IOE and key commercial and university ICT training and CPD providers. This audience will be invited to engage in the thinking and contribute to the collaborative insights that emerge from a discussion of the evidence.

Etopia: Building the world we want 

“The first phase of this international What Works Where? (WWW?2) research, development and dissemination project involved participants from Czech Republic, England and the USA took place from March 2008- July2008. The aim was to research and develop a work-based Continuing Professional Development programme in digital technologies. This first phase was funded by the WLE Centre.

Phase Two of this project, funded by MirandaNet and Barnfield Academy, has involved further collaboration by the original WWW?2 members who have continued to engage in exploring effective global models for work-based continuing professional development (CPD) in digital pedagogies. The project is now called Etopia: building the world we want. New teachers and teacher educators have joined the project from China, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. The participants have explored the value for work-based CPD of the Barnfield College and Cisco funded pilot of Second Life and Teen Life. They have also had a MirandaMod in March 2009 between young people from China, England, Czech Republic and South Africa answering questions to go to the G20 Summit ministers. All this news is on the Etopia website, designed participants. They are now learning to upload the work of both the teachers and the students www.worldecitizens.net. Comments on this draft design for the outcomes of work-based learning will be welcome. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it