Scoping a vision for formative e-assesment
Monday, 30 June 2008
The Centre for Work-Based Learning for Education Professionals, at the Institute of Education, has been commissioned by JISC to conduct a study on Formative e-Assessment process modelling. This study is based on a combination of desk-based research, case study building based on empirical data gathered from practice and pattern-based modelling.

Formative e-assessment is understood as the use of ICT to support the iterative process of gathering and analysing information about student learning by teachers as well as learners and of evaluating it in relation to prior achievement and attainment of intended, as well as unintended learning outcomes. E-portfolios are outside the scope of this project. 

The formative e-assessment project team has chosen the Planet platform and methodology as a central part in its framework. The team will use a a group space on the Planet platform to collaboratively author the literature review, and then use the tool provided to record their case studies and patterns, building on Planet's methodology of Pattern elicitation workshops.

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