Visual distractions from deep learning? 27th November 2008 6 9pm
Monday, 24 November 2008

A global ‘unconference’ between practitioners and academics 27th November 2008  6 – 9pm

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Registrations invited for a virtual place in real time Terrestial location with beer and sandwiches WLE centre, Institute of Education, University of London, WC1H OAL

Many researchers believe that using visual technologies in classrooms is simply for entertainment, providing a light interlude between lessons designed to achieve deep learning, and might even distract from the serious business of schools. In contrast, some experienced practitioners believe that deep learning today cannot take place without the use of technologies to support visual learning. Where is the evidence that will reconcile these two points of view?

Come and join MirandaNetters, either face to face or virtually, in a global debate between teachers and academics about whether experienced long- term practice with visual technologies enriches pupils' achievements, or simply distracts them from purposeful learning.

By visualising technology we include data projectors, IWBs, visualisers, video and software that supports visualisation like concept mapping and modelling. You may want to add to the list. Tell us what else should be there when you register your interest so we can begin the debate with a new definition of what this phrase really means