New Publication - Annotated Bibliography: Support and Development for Women Senior Leaders at Work
Friday, 06 March 2009

This annotated bibliography is one of the outcomes of a research project funded by the WLE Centre and undertaken by Dr. Marianne Coleman during 2008. The project aimed to identify:

The strategies and processes by which women in senior roles sustain and develop their leadership abilities and capacities in the work place. Although there is general but slow progress for women in accessing leadership roles at work, it is generally believed that there is a ‘glass ceiling’.

There is only a limited literature on women who have broken through the ‘ceiling’. Most literature about women, work and career progress does not differentiate between senior women leaders who might be regarded as above the glass ceiling and women who aspire to such senior roles. This bibliography therefore includes literature that relates to senior women leaders and then widens out to include literature relating more generally to the support and development of women’s career progress, focusing first on the individual and then on the organization.