Promises and Perils of Video-based Teacher Professional Development
Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Teachers are increasingly encouraged to participate in facilitated group reflection on video-recorded examples of their own classroom practice. Recent studies have shown that such collaborative sharing of teaching practice can be an important and effective method of workbased teacher professional learning. However, the complex social processes through which teachers are thought to learn in this environment have not been fully examined. This project will address this gap by investigating the following questions:

  • What strategies do teachers adopt when they view and discuss video-recordings of their own practice?
  • What role do facilitators play, and how does this impact upon teacher learning?
  • What processes and conditions facilitate and/or hinder teacher learning?

The study will provide detailed analysis of audio-recordings of video-based professional development workshops collected as part of an ESRC-funded and WLE Centre-supported project studying classroom interaction and change.