Pedagogical Application Models for Web Conferencing and Streaming
Written by Tim Neumann   
Monday, 06 November 2006


This project attempts to foster the use of the WLE Centre's advanced technological resources for the benefit of work-based learners. The aim is to establish creative and flexible learning opportunities for learners by using real-time, media-rich web conferencing and asynchronous web streaming technologies, from audiographic and video conferencing to video streaming and podcasting. The project intends to establish a connection between existing e-learning models and a set of application scenarios, thus providing a pedagogically sound basis as well as first-hand experiences with and guidelines for using the WLE Centre's technologies.

The project builds on findings from an earlier research project. It also captures synergies from a parallel research project, headed by Dr Sara de Freitas, and connects to the work of the Centre for Distance Education, University of London, thus providing a direct opportunity to examine the impact of the technology on education professionals in a particular work context.