The practice-based and experiental learning of ICT advisers
Written by Christina Preston   
Tuesday, 07 November 2006


This project 'The practice-based and experiental learning of ICT advisers responsible for school teachers' ICT CPD programmes' is designed to provide new knowledge and better understandings of the ways in which ICT advisers for primary and secondary schools in England themselves learn through everyday work practices. The aim is to influence the range and quality of national ICT CPD programmes through informed debate between advisers, policy makers, universities, local authorities and leading training companies in this area. The project will construct a searchable knowledge base, mainly consisting of video clips, of critical incidents in advisers' professional learning, collected at the annual strategic conference of 700 NAACE members in February 2007. About 150 advisers will complete a web-based pre-conference questionnaire on their own ICT CPD background and the assessment they have undertaken. In-conference data will be collected by the advisers, thus creating ownership of the emerging issues. The report will be used to inform a national debate about appropriate ICT CPD programmes and modes of assessment.